Thursday, February 14, 2013

A gift from the heart

Mrs. Walsh distributing glasses in today's clinic.

Dr. and Mrs. Walsh after the presentation of thank you gifts from our friends at Acidico who help to coordinate logistics in Guatemala.

Dr. and Mrs. Walsh and the student leaders they provided a mission trip scholarship for this year:  Amy Rice, Shahrzad Rahbar and Mary Anne Estacio.

Dr. Walsh mentoring Michelle Bundren on how to give a joint injection

It seems fitting on Valentine's Day to introduce you to two very special people who joined us on this trip:  Dr. and Mrs. Dan Walsh.  He is an alum of KCUMB and they have a passion for medical missions.  They decided last year that they wanted to sponsor three students per year on this trip.  We learned a couple of months ago that they would also be joining us!  We were thrilled on both accounts.  They have both worked very hard this week - Dr. Walsh serving as a mentor to students and Mrs. Walsh distributing glasses and sunglasses.  They also had the opportunity to get to know the  fourth year student leaders they provided a scholarship for:  Amy Rice, Mary Anne Estacio and Shahrzad Rahbar.  They gave from the heart with a goal of making a difference.  They've seen first-hand that they have.  Each of those students plan to some day "pay it forward", thus putting an even bigger ripple into the pond that will continue to grow.  All of our students on this trip have made a difference.  As I gave a couple of announcements on the bus home after we saw our 560 patients today, I told everyone that I hoped that on every Valentine's Day from this point forward, they think about how they gave from the heart on a Very Special Valentine's Day.            

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