Monday, February 11, 2013


In addition to supporting the clinic side of our outreach by securing donations of money and medicine, we have also worked this year to secure donations of goods like sunglasses, hats, shirts, soccer equipment, etc.  This is such a poor country that any and all donations are appreciated but just like I blogged about last year, a love for soccer is one of those things that brings us all together.  Sporting KC – Kansas City’s MLS soccer team - donated many soccer balls and other goods for us to distribute.  Today was our first opportunity to do so.  When we arrived at the local school in San Jose Paoquil, a couple hundred children greeted us.   They were curious and eager and followed our every move as we took a trunk-full of goods to their principal.  In her heart-felt words of thanks, the principal explained that our visit and all of the wonderful donations meant the world to her and the students.  They gathered around in excitement and when we walked out the door, half of them joined Dr. Magie and my husband David in kicking around their brand-new soccer ball and the other half anointed Cortney and me with cascarones (confetti-filled eggs that they break on your head).  Our translator explained that this is the “month of love” and that they share their love and friendship by showering those they care about with these brightly-colored expressions of emotion.  I felt like I had won the lottery, covered in confetti, surrounded by a hundred beautiful children who were so thankful for all that we had brought.  Moments like this make me wish we had a hundred more trunks to fill with happiness.    

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