Monday, February 11, 2013

Making a difference - joint injections

The first clinic day is an opportunity for us all pull together and really go from being individuals involved in this trip to really being a team.   Although it was a 2-hour ride, it was a light load on the clinic side and that was probably a good thing as it gave us an opportunity to figure out processes and procedures to make things even more streamlined tomorrow.

There were many, many gratifying experiences today but I thought I’d focus on the joint injections since they make such a difference in the lives of these people who work so hard, often in repetitive motions and often carrying heavy loads.  The above is a series of photos that recorded Drew Frerking’s very first experience in administering the injections.  Dr. Ogden walked him through it step by step and the patient as very, very grateful.  Alumnus Gregory Barnhill, D.O. provided a significant part of the supply of steroids this year.  Donations like this help our efforts go further.  [If you would like to join him and donate medicine or other items for next year, please contact me…!]  

Another woman who came to the clinic using two walking canes explained that she had injections two years ago and knew about the relief that they provide.  As two students prepared to administer the steroids into her knees, Dr. Magie knew that she needed a little moral support so he and I held her hands as she squeezed them in pain as the needles went in.  When it was done, she gave hugs and kisses to all five of us who had gathered to participate.  I watched as the tears welled up in our students’ eyes, seeing first-hand the power they have to make a difference.   Priceless.

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