Monday, February 4, 2013

Just a few more days...

As Cortney mentioned in yesterday's post, the students are spending the next several days here on campus preparing for Mission 2013.  When I walked into the lab today and met some of them, I smiled to myself, knowing how much their lives will change as a result of this experience.  I know mine did last year!  And, as we've brought the message about this mission to our alumni and friends, they've become a part of this outreach as well, donating funds to help provide medicine and vitamins, glasses, and more!  We look forward to sharing this year's story with you so that you can see those donations in action. 

In the meantime, the students continue to study their Spanish, pack meds, and - today - they reviewed the technique for joint injections, one of the many hands-on opportunities they will experience at our first clinic day one week from today!

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