Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Last-minute scrambling

We take off for Guatemala bright and early tomorrow morning, so there is a lot of last-minute scrambling to pack, weigh, and distribute trunks. This is the perfect opportunity to highlight the efforts of our student leaders: Mary Anne Estacio (first photo, right), Shahrzad Rahbar (second photo, left) and Amy Rice (third photo, right). I had the pleasure of getting to know them during last year's trip, and I can assure you that we couldn't ask for more energetic, hard-working, take-charge women than these three.

Their pre-trip duties as student leaders are extensive. They are in charge of packing the trunks, ensuring that all of the medication and equipment is safe, functional and appropriate for our needs. They prepare their classmates for what to expect, what to bring, what rules to follow. They help organize the Spanish lessons and travel presentations. They help gather documents, collect money and organize transportation. The list goes on and on, and all of this before we even leave.

Finally, we will soon reap the fruits of our labor when we land in Guatemala tomorrow, and start clinics on Monday. Stay tuned!

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