Thursday, February 7, 2013

Our Faculty Leaders

Now that Cortney has introduced you to our student leaders for the mission, it's my honor to introduce the faculty leaders for this mission:  Dr. Desai, Dr. Magie, Dr. McCandless and Dr. Ogden.  The pictures you will see in future days will feature them in their scubs so I thought I'd share their professional photos here along with links to their bios from our website. 

Gautam Desai, D.O. - Read more about Dr. Desai

Richard Magie, D.O. - Read more about Dr. Magie

Don McCandless, Ph.D., professor emeritus in pharmacology, KCUMB 

Richard Ogden, D.O. - Read more about Dr. Ogden

These gentlemen don't participate in this mission because it is part of their job.  They participate because they love what they do:  educating our students and serving those in need.  Most of them have been involved in the Guatemala mission since KCUMB began these missions over 12 years ago.  What they teach our students goes beyond the textbook.  They show our students how to CARE for their patients. 

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