Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Young alumni leading the way

Allison Abraham, D.O.

Jessica Segedy, D.O.

Jessica Segedy, D.O., Steve Derrington, D.O. and Allison Abraham, D.O. - all KCUMB class of 2011 graduates

In the life of a resident, "busy" is a constant, "sleep" is a precious commodity, and "days off" are a luxury.  The above pictures are an introduction to some young alumni, all from the class of 2011, who have sacrificed much to join us on our medical mission.  They joined us because they love serving others:  those in Guatemala who are in need and our current students who need the best learning experience they can get out of of this trip.  From them, I learned a lot too.  We talked about how we could continuously improve this rotation and they provided some thoughtful feedback.  We also talked about the different ways in which they work with the students to help translate this 3rd world experience into the realities of treating patients in the U.S.  In Guatemala, you see a patient with "x" symptoms, you prescribe "y"...in the U.S., you see a patient with the same symptoms and you prescribe "z".  They make sure that the students are educating the patients about self-care and understanding their diagnoses.  It's a neat thing to watch!  More than that, you get a glimpse into a life of service.  These graduates don't do this for glory - they do it because their hearts are into it.  They love giving back with the talents and education they have.  For each of our alumni, "giving back" is a very personal thing.  Some choose to give of their time and talents, some choose to give of their money, some do both - we appreciate and need each and every one of you!  Drs. Segedy, Derrington, Abraham and others are leading the way.  If you are interested in learning how you can join them in your own special way in helping with this mission or with scholarships or otherwise, please let me know.  The most wonderful part of my job is seeing how fulfilling the experience can be for all involved.  The smiles say it all!  (bdollase@kcumb.edu)

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