Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The ride

The bus rides to our various clinic sites are always an adventure between the winding roads going up and down mountains and the crazy traffic in town where the buses barely have enough room to pass each other.  And, even as tired as we were tonight coming back so late from Zaragosa, there was no napping with the buses bouncing on the cobblestone streets.
Today’s ride was a bit different.  Halfway through our hour and a half journey, we happened upon a tragic accident.  A child had been hit on a bike and killed.  The ambulance had yet to arrive so the bus passed inches from the covered body.  It made me think about the fine line between life and death and how our students will be there in those moments,  experiencing the first time a breath is taken and the last time a breath is taken.  They have dedicated their lives to an awesome responsibility.
After clinic today, the mayor of Zaragosa shared a few words with the group.  He said that we set an example for others to follow and that he couldn’t say thank you enough (although he had thanked us with fresh tortillas, avocados straight off the tree, coffee and real chicharonnes – fried pigs skin).  He finished by saying that if there were more people like us in the world, it would be a much better place.
Everyone is so very thankful for all that we provide and for the care our students and faculty show.  Their hugs and kisses and “via con Dio” (go with God) makes every minute of the long days worth it.

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