Tuesday, February 21, 2012


The light patient load today allowed us to knock off a little early, and we were treated to a special dinner and evening out by Acidico, the Guatemalan organization that helps guide our efforts on our DO Care missions. They largely determine which communities we will visit, and they make sure that the facilities we use are prepared for our arrival. They also help procure supplies and equipment that we cannot bring with us from the United States, like the wheelchairs that we gave away yesterday.

Essentially, Acidico is a cultural foundation that helps provide health care and education to the poorest people of Guatemala. Tonight they recognized our efforts with a delicious traditional Guatemalan meal, and we returned the favor with a monetary donation collected from individuals on this trip. I don’t have the total amount raised as of the time of this blog post, but many of us donated at least $10. I will find out later and let you know.

Before dinner we had a chance to just relax and read a book or sip a beverage. Many of us participated in a pick-up soccer game, and WOW, these guys are competitive! We weren’t able to finish the game before dinner, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the game is continued at some other time and place on this trip (just like Catch Phrase on the bus).

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