Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A walk in the clouds

 Picture 1 is Jessica Segedy, D.O., Alison Abraham, D.O.  (both KCUMB graduates) and me. We are outside of the clinic today.  The view was spectacular as you can see in picture 2 which was taken on our way back.  Although we were all busy with our individual tasks, we took a moment to appreciate where we were...almost in the clouds.

Today, two things stood out to me:

1.  We were all feeling a little more secure about our Spanish until we arrived in this town outside of Tecpan.  Once we got there and started talking to the patients, we realized that probably 25% of them didn't speak Spanish...they spoke the traditional Mayan language (which I can't spell!).  We not only used translators but we also enlisted the help of others in line who could help us explain procedures and medications.

2.    I pondered on the word "needy". Yes, these people needed medicine.  They needed doctors since the closest ones are 3 hours away.  But they needed little else.  They have food (agriculture was abundant), they have family, they have a breathtaking location for a town, they make their own clothes...they really don't "need" much.  This is the message I am taking with me today...we so often feel we "need" so much.  Living simply is a beautiful thing.

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