Monday, February 13, 2012

Clinic Day 1

After a 2 1/2 hour ride through windy, mountainous countryside where we did a tango around a tight corner with a truck coming the other way, we finally made it to San Jose Poaquil where a large crowd awaited our arrival.  We set up quickly and over the next few hours saw more than 225 patients.  I helped in the farmacia where I could see the multitude of diagnoses written on their SOAPs...parasites, STDs, joint issues, colds, etc.  I was struck by one young boy whose eyes were incredibly sad and I found out later had signs of a systemic disease.  He told our student that he couldn't remember a day without pain.  Even in the midst of pain and poverty, however, I was reminded about what real joy looks like.  Example 1:  the faces of the young boys who were watching Paul Rotert perform magic tricks.  Example 2:  the children in the local school who received a soccer ball and soccer shirts from Sporting KC.  It was a day full of emotions of every kind.  

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  1. Paul, who knew that Magic set and the tricks you learned when you were a kid would come in so handy as an adult. Glad you're making them smile in Guatemala. I'm smiling back here in Kansas City.