Wednesday, February 22, 2012

MInor surgery

I always like to highlight special medical procedures that we do in these clinics. Today a boy was complaining about a cyst on his leg, and we decided to take it off. Ren did the procedure while Dr. Desai guided him, and a Las Vegas student and the boy's mother observed. It was sort of a makeshift operating room. It was a small interior storage space with not much light, so Ren wore a headlamp. They sterilized and covered the top of a teacher's desk, and the boy laid on top of it. Ren first injected it to deaden the pain, then sliced it open, took it out, and stitched it up. The boy was quite a trooper, and very happy to be rid of that thing.

Of course, most screenings were quite routine, and we did about the normal number today, around 350.

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