Monday, February 20, 2012

The food blog

Food, food, food!  On clinic days, breakfast is a buffet provided by the hotel (eggs, beans, fruit).  They also provide a sack lunch consisting of a PB&J or mystery-meat sandwich, a piece of fruit, a bag of chips and a drink.  On our first clinic day, most had a chance to stop and enjoy the sack lunch.  On the other clinic days, we had to be reminded to stop for two minutes to eat at least something out of the bag.  On those busy days, you just forgot to eat and the adrenaline was pumping so fast that you didn't really mind.  We made up for it later, though!  Many of us, including John and Mark pictured above, braved the monster-sized nachos at the "Mono Loco" restaurant next door.  I had read about the kac'ik soup (a special turkey soup, an original Guatemalan dish) and decided to try it last Saturday at La Fonda de la Calle Real.  Yum!!!  Back in KC today, I had a burrito for breakfast while I wondered what my fellow travelers were facing today...another busy clinic day and another barely-eaten sack lunch I'm sure!    

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